High-quality 3D printing of metal parts with open-source algorithms


America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute that’s focused on helping the U.S. grow capabilities and strength in 3D printing, has recently awarded $540,000 to General Electric and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory(LLNL) for development of open-source algorithms that will improve additive manufacturing (3D printing) of metal parts.   Continue reading… “High-quality 3D printing of metal parts with open-source algorithms”


2009 Snapshot of U.S. Energy Use by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Look at How Much Energy is Wasted!

The image above is a snapshot of energy use in the United States in 2009. On the left, the different sources (solar, nuclear, hydro, wind, etc) and how many quads of energy they contribute, and then by following the lines you can see how that energy is used, and how much of it is wasted. Read on for more details…