Want to do something with your liberal arts degree? Try coding!


Early Coders

Don’t rule out coding because you didn’t study programming in college. DaVinci Coders has a new class starting September 22nd. Start the application process NOW to see if this is then next step towards your future. Read on…

With a rising demand for coding skills in the job market, technical know-how has become one of the most sought-after resume-builders. And as the story of fifth-grader Nick Wald in Wednesday’s Journal showed, those who want to learn have a variety of new options. Even Nancy Pelosi has gotten in on the act.

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Tennessee College Bucks the Trend by Lowering Tuition


Sewanee, a Tennessee liberal arts college.

For those who wonder how college tuition costs manage to keep rising year after year, apparently defying laws of economic gravity, Sewanee, a liberal arts college in Tennessee, has an answer: they can’t.  On Wednesday, Sewanee announced that it will cut its $46,000 annual bill for students by 10 percent in the fall.


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