New ATM with built-in lie detector to curb consumer credit fraud


ATM detects lies

Russia’s biggest retail bank has invented an ATM machine with a built-in lie detector in order to curb the growing menace of consumer credit fraud. The ATM can easily pass off as a part of KGB’s ultra- modern and secretive operational tool. Other than the rather unusual inclusion of a passport scanner, fingerprint recorder and a 3-dimensional facial recognition, the machine is equipped with advanced voice-analysis software.

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Headband For Lie Detection



Lie Detector Head Band

 In the wake of immensely growing crime around the world, the best way out to nab a criminal is the use of an accurate lie detection test. The Narco test is one way of lie detection done nowadays. However, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and Drexel have come up with a new technique for lie detection. This method under research uses infrared images, beaming them directly into the brain. Infrared sensors have been put to many innovative uses in the past, from interactive image generation to treating cancer, to measuring body fat levels. Infrared usage has come a long way, and these functional near-infrared sensors (fNIR), used in a band, monitor the hidden truths in the brain.


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Infrared Lie Detector Test

Infrared Lie Detector Test 


In a world of where truthfulness is at a premium , a game of cops and robbers unfolds and plays itself out in different dimensions and to different degrees. I don’t mean to be cryptic but it’s just that we have to accept the fact that people lie, and it is an effort to find the truth in someone’s deceit. The Infrared lie detector is one such innovation that will, hopefully, end this cyclic game that has been in constant motion ever since the dawn of civilization. Since polygraphic tests are as reliable, scientists have devised a new way to bring culprits to book, using recent developments in neuroscience.

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