The most promising medical technology on the horizon today


Discoveries in the field of telomere biology will have an impact on how we can stay young naturally and look younger than our chronological age.

Research in telomere biology has the potential to extend human life span, to dramatically lower rates of the great remaining killer diseases: heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s.  All three diseases increase exponentially with age, and their toll will be slashed as we we learn how to address the body’s aging clocks.

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Scientists reverse aging in mice

What if we had the ability to turn back time? A team that has identified a new way in which cells age has also reversed the process in old mice whose bodies appear younger in several ways. The discovery has implications for understanding age-related diseases including cancers, neurodegenerative disorders and diabetes.


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Change to a single gene increases mouse lifespan 20%

Scientists also discovered individual organ and body parts reacted differently to the process in the engineered mice.

Most Americans aren’t entirely fond of the idea of immortality as shown by recent studies. But it’s probably a good bet that they still wouldn’t mind extending their lifespans by 10-15 years. If researchers at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) have their way, that wish could become a reality. These scientists have successfully extended the lives of mice by changing a single gene.



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The negative effects of vitamins: Study

Study raises more questions about the health benefits of vitamins.

A new Biology Letters  paper raises more questions about the benefits of vitamins as a health supplement. High doses of dietary antioxidants such as vitamins are claimed to slow the process of cellular aging by lessening the damage to proteins, lipids and DNA caused by free radicals. Some research has found that the longevity of mice could be extended by administering particular vitamin supplements, despite the supplements’ limited effectiveness in reducing free radical damage. However, the opposite was found to be true in voles in a new study.


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Lifespan declining in women in some parts of U.S.: Study

Women aged 75 and younger are dying at higher rates than previous years.

There is compelling evidence from a new study that the expectancy for some U.S. women is falling, a disturbing trend that experts can’t explain. The study found that women aged 75 and younger are dying at higher rates than previous years in nearly half of the nation’s counties.  many of the women lived in rural areas and in the West and South. For men, life expectancy has held steady or improved in nearly all counties.




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Scientists discover gene that holds key to extending life 20 years

gene discovery

The gene, SIRT6, in laboratory mice and found it extended their lifespan by up to 15 per cent.

A gene has been discovered by scientists that could hold the key to extending life by up to two decades.  The gene is found in all mammals and is known to protect against age-related cell damage.

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British scientists develop computer memory made of glass


The glass memory has been compared to the ‘memory crystals’ used in the Superman films.

Soon computers may be saving their data onto hard drives made of glass following research by British scientists who have developed a way of storing information similar to the “memory crystals” seen in the Superman films.


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Alpha males may look in control but they are more stressed out than their lowly counterparts


Maintaining a lofty position in the social hierarchy causes your stress levels to rocket.

Researchers found that while alpha males get the pick of the girls, the money and the power they pay a heavy price for their dominance.

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