Re-healable concrete to undergo key outdoor testing

Bacterial spores are added to the concrete mix and they are activated by water.

A concrete that patches up cracks by itself is to undergo outdoor testing. The experimental concrete contains limestone-producing bacteria, which are activated by corrosive rainwater working its way into the structure.  This new material could potentially increase the service life of the concrete – with considerable cost savings as a result.



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‘Smart Salad Dressing’ Could Keep Venice from Sinking


Venice, Italy, is a city in perpetual flood. But sinking buildings have put this 1,300-year-old urban marvel in peril.

Venice could be saved from sinking into the sea by releasing fat globules similar to olive oil into the water that are ‘programmed’ to form limestone reefs, say architects.


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Limestone Box Of Bones Israel


Science Backs Up Religion… Proving Facts Wrong, be my guest..

Believe it or not but there are lots of so-called educated people who believe that there is no evidence of the existence of Jesus as a historical figure.  Despite all the written evidence they have persisted in their arguments. Recently, a limestone box containing bones was found in Israel….

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