Ban Plastic Bags Rap Video Goes Viral


OK, so the Great Pacific Garbage Patch may not be anywhere near as big as we thought, and some activists think plastic bags are a distraction from the major environmental issues we face. But that doesn’t stop many others from holding up the single-use plastic bag as a symbol of all that is wrong with our consumer culture. Now a viral rap video is making the rounds, calling on cities around the Globe to step up and ban the single-use plastic bag.

Chewing Gum Developed That Can Be Washed Off with Water


UK company invents chewing gum that can be washed off with water.

Pioneering Flintshire-based company Revolymer has come up with a gum which can be removed from the streets using only water. Anyone who has trodden in chewing gum, and parents in particular, will be delighted to know it can also be removed from shoes, clothes and hair with soap and water.

Colorado Biologists Discover Litter Of Lynx Kittens

Colorado Biologists Discover Litter Of Lynx Kittens

 First litter of Lynx kittens found since 2006

Spring brought a surprise delivery from the stork: A litter of 10 lynx kittens-the first newborns documented in Colorado since 2006, gladdening the hearts of biologists leading the charge to restore the mountain feline, as well as drawing waves of squeals from computer monitors everywhere.  (Pics)

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Yellow Pages Goes Green: Movement Against Unsolicited Phone Book Delivery

Yellow Pages Goes Green: Movement Against Unsolicited Phone Book Delivery is an organization working to educate consumers and promote the green movement to eliminate the unsolicited delivery of Yellow and White Pages books. The site is aimed at starting a national movement to solicit the White/Yellow Pages industry to proactively stop the delivery of books or to begin moving legislation to mandate the stoppage of this activity. This movement should be similar to the National No-Call Registry that have stopped and/or decreased the number of unwanted solicitations telephone calls to consumers.

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Cigarette Butt Clothing

Cigarette Butt Clothing 

You see them littered, in the grass, in your flowerpots, on the streets, in the sand at the playground, in the sand at the beach…. everywhere. They are an eyesore, toxic to the environment (start forest fires, small animals ingest them and die, chemicals leach into our water supply) and a daily reminder of how wasteful we can be with even the smallest of objects. What are they? Littered cigarette butts. What’s being done about the litter? Alexandra Guerrero is recycling them into clothing.

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