Men who flaunt their luxury possessions are not the ‘marrying kind’

flashy car

These men are driven by their desire to have uncommitted romantic flings.

Men who drive expensive cars or who flaunt their flashy possessions are driven by their desire to have uncommitted romantic flings according to researchers from Rice University, the University of Texas-San Antonio and the University of Minnesota.  Although it may catch a woman’s attention she won’t be marrying him any time soon.


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Wedding Volunteers To Marry Sex Workers To End Exploitation

Indian-Wedding hands 234
More than 1,000 followers of a multi-religious sect in northern India have pledged to marry female sex workers who want to escape exploitation.

Young Hindu, Muslim and Sikh men have been queuing up at the Dera Sacha Sauda (Abode of the Real Deal) in the town of Sirsa as “wedding volunteers”. They say they are doing so to stop the women from being exploited in brothels.

They also claim that their move is part of a campaign to stop the spread of the HIV/Aids virus.

“By helping drug users and sex workers we are trying to help remove people from the highest risk situations,” said Dr Aditya Insan, a senior DSS functionary.

Japanese Man ‘Marries’ Computer Game Character

Wedding Party: SaL9000(left), Nene on the DS being held by the best man
The Bride, Nene Anegasaki, from Konami’s Love Plus Photo: Konami
It had to happen…A Japanese man infatuated with a character in a computer game has married the object of his desires in a solemn ceremony in Tokyo.

The groom – who calls himself SAL9000 – says he fell in love with Nene Anegasaki from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus after a string of failed romances with girlfriends from other animated games.

The wedding took place at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and was presided over by a priest. The groom, dressed in a white suit and tie, read his vows before Ms Anegasaki flashed hers up on the touch screen of his red Nintendo.

The event was broadcast live on the Nico Nico Douga website, with the groom’s best man giving a speech and Ms Anegasaki’s maid of honour – also imaginary – posting an on-screen message expressing her happiness at the first union of a man and computer character.

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