Feelreal VR Mask adds Smell-O-Vision to virtual reality


Feelreal VR Mask

The Feelreal VR Mask is going to make the world of virtual reality a little more real and smelly.  The mask attaches to the bottom of headsets like the Oculus Rift and adds other sensory experiences, like hot and cold air, water mist, and smells. Feelreal is also making a helmet, called Nirvana, which can fit the VR Mask and a smartphone. Both projects seek funding together on Feelreal’s Kickstarter, which is looking for $50,000.


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Triton scuba mask turns divers into human fish

 triton 1

Triton scuba mask

Jeabyun Yeon, a South Korean designer, just unveiled a conceptual scuba mask that would allow divers to breathe underwater without oxygen tanks. The mask, called the Triton, consists of two branching arms designed to serve as “gills” that extract oxygen from the water and deliver breathable air directly into their wearer’s lungs. Instead of hauling around heavy scuba equipment, swimmers could simply bite down on a plastic mouth piece.


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Are Gas Mask Fashions Back in Style?

Gas Masks 861

There is something rather creepy about gas masks, yet we live in rather creepy times.  So what better fashion statement than to show up at your next party wearing your own personal cold war era gas mask?

But they will get you noticed. Below is a photo essay showing how gas masks have become part of our culture, and an ever present symbol of the worst that humanity has to offer.  (Pics)

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