Top 5 most common sleep problems (and how to find relief)

sleep problems

Sleep issues are complex.

If we had a pill that could give us a good sleep, it would probably be the strongest medication ever made. There have been several studies that have connected inadequate sleep to chronic diseases and shortened lifespan. But unfortunately, sleep is not that simple. In fact, it’s the one natural process that might cause the most issues for modern-day adults, with around 30 percent of the American population having some degree of sleep disruption.



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Nationwide shortage of ADHD drugs prompts hundreds of calls daily to the FDA


Shortages of medicines like Ritalin and Adderall are so endemic that some patients say they worry almost constantly about availability.

Drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are in such short supply that hundreds of patients complain daily to the Food and Drug Administration that they are unable to find a pharmacy with enough pills to fill their prescriptions.

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30 most sleep-deprived cities in the U.S.


A federal study concluded in 2008, certain states have higher incidence rates of sleeplessness than others.

Functioning on a few hours of sleep isn’t just miserable, it’s dangerous, as recent news has suggested.  Several air-traffic controllers were caught sleeping on the job last month, prompting the FAA to fire a few. Recent studies have proven that sleep deprivation can make people more unethical, less attractive, and can weaken problem-solving skills.


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Medi-Ring – customizable ring to identify prescription medication bottles

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Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase 2011

MEDI-RING® was developed by a pharmacist to help eliminate errors when taking prescription medications at home. In 2008, nearly 1.9 million people were treated or hospitalized in the U.S. for illness and injuries related to taking medicines, a 54% increase in incidents over previous years. The growing number of such errors can be attributed to an increase in the number of medications being prescribed, and the fact that many pharmacy labels indicate dosages, but fail to identify specifically what the medication treats. Also, according to the National Community of Pharmacists Association, “as many as 75% of Americans admit they don’t take medications as directed.” MEDI-RING® is a user-friendly device that snaps onto prescription bottles presenting a space on which the patient may write what the medication controls, and any other information they feel is necessary to take the drug correctly.

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Children with ADHD Have Brains That Cannot Stop Daydreaming: Study


ADHD children cannot stop daydreaming according to a new study.

Children with attention deficit disorder have brains that cannot stop daydreaming, claims a new study.  Researchers found that they physically find it harder to switch off a “default setting” of the brain designed to pass the time when not focused on a task.

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