Binge Drinking Destroys Long Term Memory Even in Young Adults


Heavy alcohol consumption makes it more difficult to build new memories.

Binge drinking not only makes you forget what you did the night before but also the day before that – and the day before that, a study suggests.  Researchers have found that a big night out destroys long term memory even in young adults.


Left Handed People are More Affected by Fear than Right Handed People

left handed

“The prevalence of post traumatic stress disorder is almost double in left handers compared to right handers.”

People who watched an eight minute clip from a scary movie suffered more symptoms associated with post traumatic stress if they were left handed than if they were right handed, phsychologists find.


Genetically Engineered Brain Virus Can Enhance Memories Made Weeks Earlier


Scientists find a way to boost the recall of memories even after they’ve started to fade.

Need to cram for a big test? Trying to learn a new language? Just had a great vacation? Scientists have developed a procedure that may be able to help you remember things, as long as you’re willing to inject a genetically engineered virus directly into your brain.



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Unlocking the Savant Brain In All Of Us


Snyder uses magnetic stimulation to unlock savant skills in average individuals.

What if you had perfect pitch, a photographic memory, and astounding artistic ability? Allan Snyder thinks you already do. Snyder is the director of the Centre for the Mind at the University of Sydney and for years he’s been studying how the mind processes information. Certain individuals, often called savants, demonstrate amazing abilities: near total recall of memories, the ability to count a large number of items simply by glancing at them (numerosity), incredible musical talent, etc. Savants display these cognitive feats while often suffering from a neural disorder like Autism. As described in his publication in The Royal Society, Snyder believes that these abilities arise as Autism (or other phenomenon) grants the individual ‘privileged access’ to data that would normally be overridden in the brain. With magnetic pulses, Snyder has even been able to temporarily ‘unlock’ savant-like abilities in average people!  There’s a chance that everyone could one day have access to this kind of hidden potential in their minds.


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The Eye Really is “The Window to Your Soul”


Research suggests it is possible to predict what people are thinking by tracking their gaze

A flickering glance left or right, up or down can indicate in what processes are going on in the mind.  In the study, carried out by the University of Melbourne, volunteers were asked to think of a series of numbers between one and 30 and call them out at random.


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Men Do Not Become More Grumpy With Age

grumpy old men

Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men

Contrary to popular belief, men do not become more grumpy with age, new research suggests.  Rants by the likes of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in the movie Grumpy Old Men might suggest otherwise, but a study suggests it is younger people who have a more negative outlook on life.


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Study: Brain Actively Erases Memories to Create Space for New Information

erase memories

Memories need to be removed for new information to come in.

Scientists believe the breakthrough in understanding how short-term memories are lost solve the mystery of how they are created in the first place.  Scientists have previously speculated that they “drop out” to make room for new ones, but the theory has been difficult to prove.


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Brain Replays Memories And Stores The Highlights While We Sleep

Brain Replays Memories And Stores The Highlights While We Sleep

Jim Carrey has memories of a painful relationship wiped from his brain in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

We may think we are asleep – but deep in the recesses of our mind a “memory editor” is working overtime, replaying the experiences of the day and storing the highlights on our brain’s version of a video recorder, claim scientists.
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Altering Our Dependencies… one snip at a time

Altering Our Dependencies… one snip at a time 

My granddaughter, Dez, and I rarely see eye to eye. But we have a relationship where we are heavily dependant upon each other

I’m a bit like film director Robert Zemeckis who co-wrote the screenplay Back to the Future. I notice those little things that have disappeared, fond memories of my chilldhood, like service stations that actually had people who provided service.

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