Advance your health with iHealth peripherals

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Glucose monitoring is just one aspect of the iHealth package.

iHealth Lab, Inc. offers innovative, mobile personal healthcare products that make it simple and easy to test, track, graph and securely share health information. The iHealth Blood Pressure Dock is the first personal health management tool for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. iHealth Lab continues innovating with its iHealth Scale, which measures, tracks and securely shares weight change over time. Plans to develop a suite of personal healthcare devices and applications designed for use with the Apple iOS mobile platform are under way…

Photos by Thomas Frey

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Heart Rate Monitor Integrated Into Under Armour Sport Shirt


Under Armour

Heart rate and sports monitors appear just about everywhere–in standalone devices, in watches, in bras, in shoes, in GPS devices–so why not just build them right into shirts. Many heart rate monitors need to be strapped to the chest anyway, so a heart-rate shirt seems like a logical conclusion. (video)


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Digital Sensors Are Watching Us More Than We Realize

digital billboard

Intel’s Paul Otellini unveils the prototype of an in-store digital billboard using facial recognition.

Odds are you will be monitored today — many times over.  Surveillance cameras at airports, subways, banks and other public venues are not the only devices tracking you. Inexpensive, ever-watchful digital sensors are now ubiquitous.


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