Learning the Language of Monkey Talk

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After applying linguistic tools to the calls of monkeys, researchers
now think they can understand what our primate relatives are saying

Fiona Macdonald – Researchers have used human linguistic tools to translate the language of Campbell’s monkeys (Cercopithecus campbelli), primates found in western Africa.

For years primatologists and linguists have been studying their advanced language to try to crack the code of monkey vocabulary, but now a team of researchers believe they may have finally done it, all thanks to the monkey term “krak”.

They found that Campbell’s monkeys in the Ivory Coast’s Tai Forest use the term krak to indicate that a leopard is nearby, and the sound “hok” to warn others that there’s an eagle circling overhead. You can listen to how these words sound over at Scientific American.

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Happy Monkey Day!


Happy Monkey Day!

I didn’t know until just now, but December 14th is Monkey Day! {wiki} The day is set aside to raise awareness about monkey issues, monkeys in the news, and ways you can help monkeys (apes and other primates are included as well). In honor of the occasion, holiday founder Casey Sorrow put together a roundup of monkey news, links, and videos from the past year for your education and entertainment…

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Scientists Discover New Bearded Monkey

The newly discovered Callicebus caquetensisis.

Scientists Thomas Defler, Marta Bueno and Javier García have discovered a new species of monkey in the Caquetá region of southern Colombia. The region, which is part of the Amazon rainforest, had been inaccessible for years due to a violent insurgence.

The violence subsided three years ago, allowing García–a native of Caquetá–to explore the Colombian Amazon. Using a GPS to traverse the upper Caquetá River, García found 13 different groups of titi monkeys, which have a very complex call.

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10 Weirdest Animal Friendships

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Ebony and ivory… together in perfect harmony…
Friends are the one thing you can rely on when you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to just listen to you rant. People have friends, so why can’t animals.

Dogs have always been known as man’s best friend, so why can’t animals have best friends of their own?


Monkeys Are Metallica Fans

Monkeys cottontopTamarins

Master! Master! Where’s the dreams that I’ve been after?

Monkeys are found to be fans of heavy metal music, in particular Metallica, after a study showed it calmed them down.

A group of cottontop tamarins were played a variety of music, including Bach, Led Zeppelin and Miles Davis, but they only reacted when heavy metal rock songs by Metallica were played.

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Japanese Scientists Create World’s First Transgenic Primates

Japanese Scientists Create World’s First Trangenic Primates 

Japanese scientists announced  they had created the world’s first transgenic primates, breeding monkeys with a gene that made the animals’ skin glow a fluorescent green.

In a controversial achievement, Japanese scientists announced on Wednesday they had created the world’s first transgenic primates, breeding monkeys with a gene that made the animals’ skin glow a fluorescent green.

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