You can now watch a full length 3D movie on Oculus Rift

oculus rift movie

Users can download the Zachary Quinto-produced film, Banshee Chapter: Oculus Rift Edition.

The virtual reality device, Oculus Rift made it’s debut more than two years ago. Possibilities of what the device can do remain exciting, so far the reality has been less thrilling. But today the technology is taking a big step: A full-length 3-D movie that you can strap to your head and immerse yourself in. (Video)



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IBM makes world’s smallest movie ever


The world’s smallest movie made by IBM Research has carbon monoxide atoms being moved around on a copper surface with a scanning tunneling microscope. The 250-frame stop-motion film, entitled “A Boy and His Atom,” uses discrete atoms to draw a stick-figure-like boy that bounces on a trampoline and plays catch with an individual atom “ball.”



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Drones form giant, glowing ‘Star Trek’ insignia over London


The studio behind Star Trek Into Darkness took the film’s title literally, commissioning the flying of a giant, glowing Starfleet insignia in the night sky in London over the weekend. Comprised of 30 LED-illuminated quadrotors, the 308-foot-tall logo rotated in place 118 feet above ground, before dimming its lights alongside those of Tower Bridge and Big Ben in recognition of the WWF’s Earth Hour conservation effort.


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Chinese Woman Sues Cinema For Wasting Her Time with Excessive Ads

chinese cinema

Polybona International Cinema

A woman in China has sued a cinema hall and the distributors of a movie, claiming excessive advertising wasted her time and violated her freedom of choice.  The suit filed by movie-goer Chen Xiaomei has been accepted by the People’s Court of Yanta district in Xi’an, Xinhua news agency quoted a statement from the court.


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Hong Kong Film to Break New Ground with World’s First IMAX-3D Erotic Film

3d porn

Producers are hoping the erotic period drama will prove a hit with 3-D-glasses-wearing audiences and help develop a lucrative, niche film market.

On the leafy fringes of Hong Kong in a shabby film studio, a nude ponytailed actor stretched out on animal-skins with his lover as the cameras rolled in a set evoking a subterranean sex lair in ancient China.


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20,000 US BitTorrent Users Sued; 30,000 More Lawsuits Pending

lawsuit 1342

Are you gonna be sued next for downloading movies?

The number of Americans targetted by entertainment industry lawsuits nearly doubled this month, as the the US Copyright Group (“an ad hoc coalition of independent film producers and with the encouragement of the Independent Film & Television Alliance”) brought suit against 20,000 BitTorrent users. 30,000 more lawsuits are pending, bringing the total number of US entertainment industry lawsuit defendants up to 80,000 (when you include the 30,000 victims of the RIAA).

This beatings-will-continue-until-morale-improves gambit is puzzling to me. It seems likely to me that most of these defendants will settle for several thousand dollars (regardless of their guilt) rather than risk everything by hiring a lawyer to defend themselves. But does the “US Copyright Group” really think that Americans will go back to the mall with their credit-cards in hand once their friends’ lives have been ruined by litigation?

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Atari’s Missile Command (From 1980) To Become Live-Action Movie

Missile_command art 1423

In case you needed another indicator Hollywood has run out of ideas, here is a new one for you: Atari is about to sell the movie rights to Missile Command, a shooting game that hit arcades back in 1980, to 20th Century Fox and another movie production company.

Selling the license doesn’t necessarily mean we ever get to see a Missile Command movie on the big screen, but a first step has been made…

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Chimpcam Project – Chimpanzee’s Shoot Their Own Movie


Whether or not you subscribe to the infinite monkey theorem (although you might like to know that Frooch is a Bonobo, Pete Pachal a Silverback, Charlie a Rhesus, and Leslie and I both Orang-utans — we spend our weekends picking bugs out of each other’s coats and eating them) at least be grateful that this post has nothing to do with today’s Apple event. The powers that be at Edinburgh Zoo devised a research project that involved giving 11 of the zoo’s chimpanzees a sturdy camcorder and letting them become cineastes for an 18-month period. (video)

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‘Avatar’ On Track To Sink ‘Titanic’ As Top Film Of All Time


‘Avatar ‘ will surpass ‘Titanic’ as top film of all time

Leave it to James Cameron to sink the Titanic.  His sci-fi opus Avatar sailed past The Dark Knight to become the second highest-grossing film of all time and is bearing down on his 1997 epic Titanic, which holds the title with $601 million.


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