Stem cells repair and strengthen muscles in aged mice

elderly man

Stem cell therapy could be used to help older patients recover from muscular injuries.

People become less able to bounce back from injuries as they age. This is a problem that adds risk to many of the common medical procedures the elderly face. At the same time, stem cells’ greatest promise is to allow people to produce new, healthy tissue to recover from illness or injury. But because stem cell therapies remain cutting edge, they have largely been used to target life-threatening problems such as heart failure.



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Repairing heart attack damage without using stem cells


Researchers used molecules called microRNAs to convert scar tissue (called fibroblasts) into heart muscle cells.

When someone suffers a heart attack, scar tissue forms over the damaged areas of the heart, reducing the organ’s function.   In a new study, scientists successfully turned this scar tissue into working heart muscle without the use of stem cells.

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Stem cells can reverse heart attack damage


A ground-breaking study that may change how heart attacks are treated.

When a person has a heart attack a piece of muscle in a person’s heart dies from lack of blood flow , it scars over and is lost.  But a team of researchers from the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles has proven that those muscles may not necessarily be gone forever.

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