Are TSA’s “Naked Scanners” Protecting Passengers or Padding Pockets?

full body scanner

Full-body scanner at Chicago O’Hare Airport

The degradations of passing through full-body scanners that provide naked pictures of you to Transportation Security Administration agents may not mean that the terrorists have won — but they do mark victories for a few politically connected high-tech companies and their revolving-door lobbyists.


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New World Record Naked Rollercoaster Ride

naked rollercoaster

Thrill seekers ride naked on the Green Scream roller coaster at Southend pleasure park, raising funds for Southend Hospital

Over 100 theme park thrill-seekers agreed to bare everything on a bare knuckle ride in an attempt to scream their way into the Guinness Book Of Records on Sunday.  The 102 enthusiasts, who stripped off for the ride on the Green Scream rollercoaster at Southend-on-Sea in Essex, were hoping to beat a similar attempt in 2004 by 32 naked riders in Alton Towers, in Staffordshire. (Pics and video)


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Naked Man In Taxi-Lifting Adventure



It all began when the nude man stopped the taxi by running out into the street in front of traffic.

As the perplexed driver got out of the car to see what was going on, the naked man grabbed the vehicle’s bumper and tried – without much success – to lift it off the ground. As a crowd of puzzled onlookers gathered to watch the spectacle, the man continued in his efforts to lift the car. Eyewitnesses reported that he would sometimes shout ‘please give me strength!’ as he struggled with the taxi…

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Beer With a Naked Twist


Revealing Beer

It is the ultimate Aussie beer-lover’s fantasy: a bottle of brew with a woman on the label whose bikini disappears as fast as the drinker can consume its contents.
Three friends in Sydney have taken on the Australian beer market with a unique world first marketing concept for their new beer.

The label is Skinny Blonde, a low-carb beer that is thriving on the current popularity of Australia’s new crop of ‘healthy’ beers.

But there is another reason it is popular: the Skinny Blonde bottle features a 1950s-style pin-up called Daisy whose red bikini disappears as the beer level drops and the bottle warms up, thanks to the modern ink technology used on the labels.

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‘Sexting’ Laws Stir Up Controversy In The Legal System

So-Called ‘Sexting’ Laws Too Cloudy

“Sexting” — the act of sending naked pictures via text message — has stirred controversy in many communities and in the legal system at large as teenagers have been charged with pedophilia and forced to register as sex offenders for transmitting and receiving nude photos of underage individuals.

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The Fine Art of Selling Naked

 The Fine Art of Selling Naked

In Argentina, towels resembling the cover of a Playboy Magazine
are completed when beautiful women lay on them

Playboy is a global brand that entertains men around the world with boobs and blondes. You may think that it does not take much advertising creativity to sell photos of naked women. You would be wrong. Here’s 10 Great Playboy Ads that Show the Art of Selling Naked:

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