Projector necklace could be the next big wearable technology

Tech necklace

Projector necklace

When it comes to wearable tech you have to reach into your pocket every time you receive a text or want to snap a photo is the height of inconvenience. Google Glass and its competitors have laid claim to your face, while Samsung, Pebble, and a number of others want your wrist for their own. But there’s a new concept out there that wants to take your notifications, map directions, and search results off your body entirely. (Video)



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Capacitors Create Fashion Statement For Tech Heads

capacitor necklace 4132
This necklace is bright and bold with 7 traffic cone orange capacitors!
Silver tubes space the capacitors on a snake chain.
Those creative folks over at ETSY dot com have entered another barrage of hot tech fashion staments. Case in point is the artist “digiBling” who has created an electronical array of necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, and belts to satisfy some of our most basic techy fashion flavors.
Utilizing remnants of our colorful past this artist produces jewelry from surplus parts. There is the green resistor necklace with matching earrings…

Tokyoflash Bluetooth Necklace Design Survey


Jewelry of the Future?

The fine folks at Tokyoflash are asking visitors to participate in a design process by giving feedback and opinions to help with the development of Bluetooth necklaces that let you connect wirelessly to your cell phone or computer (to let you answer the phone handsfree while driving or chat on Skype without having to sit down at the computer).

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