Bee Colonies Still Dying Out in Record Numbers

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To bee or not to be?

You may know that since about 2006 there has been a large and growing problem with the honey bees which play a large part in fertilizing our flowers and crops.  Many bees, and in fact whole colonies have been dying due to an unknown factor which had been named Colony Collapse Disorder, or CCD.  Scientists are still working to determine the exact cause of CCD – theories range from parasites to viruses or bacteria to pesticides – but none of these have yet been agreed upon as the reason for this astounding decline…

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Bees Prefer Nectar with Caffeine and Nicotine


Bees are attracted to nectar which are laced with caffeine and nicotine

Many people feel they need a cigarette and a cup of coffee to start the day and now it turns out bees are no different.  The honey-making insects prefer nectar with small amounts of nicotine and caffeine over plain nectar, researchers revealed.


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Happy Hour In The Malaysian Rain Forest

Happy Hour In The Malaysian Rain Forest 

 Pen-tailed Tree Shrew of the Malaysian Rain Forest

German scientists have discovered that seven species of small mammals in the rain forests of western Malaysia drink fermented palm nectar on a regular basis. For several of the species, including the pen-tailed tree shrew, the nectar, which can have an alcohol content approaching that of beer, is the major food source – meaning they are chronic drinkers.

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