Examining The Method Of Wiring Chips With Nerve Cells


Visions of a hybrid computer chip.

Research from the University of Wisconsin–Madison points to progress in creating hybrid computer chips combining silicon and neurons. Biomedical engineers demonstrated a novel technique for weaving the tendrils of mouse nerve cells into a network of semiconductor tubes. Yeah, that’s just an illustration above. But eventually, a neural-electronic device such as this could be used to study diseases of the nervous system, test drug efficacy, or potentially lead to new brain-machine interfaces…

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Experts Claim Insects May Be As Intelligent as Larger Animals


A honeybee’s brain weighs one mg and contains fewer than a million nerve cells

Insects with minuscule brains may be as intelligent as much bigger animals and may even have consciousness, it was claimed today.  Having a brain the size of a pinhead does not necessarily make you less bright, say researchers.


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