Nielsen Report: Streaming Increases while TV Ratings Falter


The latest report from Nielsen shows the growing change in how consumers are watching their favorite shows. Last quarter, the number of people watching traditional television dipped by 4-percent, but those watching shows through online streaming services skyrocketed by 60-percent. This is in comparison to the same quarter (Q3) last year, and it is anticipated the increase in streaming video adoption will impact traditional TV. This news comes shortly after Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings predicted that traditional TV will be effectively dead by 2030.

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Top 5 tech products that will be dead in 5 years

The entire demise of Blu-rays and DVDs are due to one company.

Innovation in the tech industry is moving fast.  We can’t know all of the different technologies that will fill our lives in five years. We can however, predict what tech products won’t last. It’s clear the technology landscape will look dramatically different in the near future.



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Cost per hour a pivotal metric for paid content

Time spent consuming information and entertainment goods is an important element of the overall satisfaction.

Netflix released all 13 episodes of House of Cards last week, allowing subscribers to watch the series in marathon sessions. ”The efficiency that makes binge viewing so compelling also accelerates the time a consumer spends with Netflix,” Variety noted.  This novel release schedule highlights the question of how consumers value paid content relative to consumption time.



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Netflix’s plan to kill the cable industry

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Netflix is guaranteed to make the cable industry nervous with its plan to disrupt the industry. “The traditional entertainment ecosystem is built on (managed dissatisfaction), and it’s a totally artificial concept,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings tells GQ’s Nancy Hass. “The point of managed dissatisfaction is waiting.”



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Redbox video game rental stats (Infograph)

redbox games

Redbox says that families are hitting the rental machines the most.

Redbox, owned by parent company Coinstar, the DVD and game rental kiosk chain has been so disruptive in the entertainment industry that it helped Netflix hammer the final nail in Blockbuster’s coffin. They has doubled their annual revenue year after year, cutting so deeply into Hollywood’s piggybank that several movie studios attempted legal action, eventually settling to impose a 28-day delay before new releases hit Redbox machines.

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Netflix’s price hike to cost the company one million customers


How have you changed your Netflix account?

Apparently people weren’t messing around when they were complaining about Netflix’s recent price hikes: Netflix says the company expects to lose one million customers because of the pricing change. One million!

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