How have you changed your Netflix account?

Apparently people weren’t messing around when they were complaining about Netflix’s recent price hikes: Netflix says the company expects to lose one million customers because of the pricing change. One million!

It’s kind of crazy, no? I, for one, was fine with the change, as I had already cancelled my DVD plan and switched to just streaming. I was sick of paying more per month to keep a DVD sitting around for weeks before sending it back unwatched. But I suppose my lack of interest in DVDs makes me more unique than I thought.

Were you one of the folks who cancelled? Do you really watch DVDs as much as you use the streaming service? And do you think that the new pricing is really unreasonable? I think it’s still pretty cheap, especially streaming-only, but I do know that times are tight right now and a big price hike isn’t going to sit well with everybody. What do you think?
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Image via TehGayGeek