Ownership of e-readers doubles in six months


Ownership of e-readers is exploding.

E-reader ownership is exploding, according to a survey by Pew Internet Research. Ownership of e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook has grown from 6% to 12% of U.S. adults over the last six months. E-readers are more popular than tablets devices such as the iPad or various Android slates like the Samsung Galaxy Tab which are owned by 8% of U.S. adults.


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Amazon is Selling More Kindle e-Books Than Paperbacks


Amazon has sold “millions” of third-generation Kindle electronic readers in the most recent quarter.

Amazon.com (AMZN) is now selling more Kindle e-books than paperbacks, the world’s biggest online retailer reported. But Amazon’s fourth-quarter financial results were mixed.  Amazon says net income for the quarter climbed 8%, which surpasses Wall Street expectations. But revenue fell short, sending shares down nearly 10% at one point in extended trading.


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Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color Takes on Amazon’s Kindle


Which e-reader will come out on top?

In December 2009, brick-and-mortar book-selling powerhouse Barnes & Noble got into the e-reader game, two years after Amazon.com’s Kindle jump-started the category. Its Nook had some distinguishing characteristics: you navigated the interface using a tiny color touchscreen that sat under its black-and-white E Ink display, for instance, and could loan out e-books to Nook-owning pals. Mostly, though, the gizmo felt like a twist on the Kindle formula, not a departure from it — and while it may have been fancier, it was also pokier and glitchier.


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More Bibliophiles Turning to Digital Readers


E-book sales are up 193% over a year ago.

Jamie Groves has doubled his reading — up to more than 40 books a year — since he began downloading e-books on his Kindle.Sandra Hines calls her Nook her “best Mother’s Day present ever,” after initially worrying, “It wouldn’t feel like I was reading a real book.”


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Are e-Readers Allowing Libraries to Thrive?

love books

Printed books are slowing becoming a thing of the past.

In an ironic twist, as books are slowly become a legacy artifact of the past, and  brick and mortar libraries were predicted to soon follow suit, there is a test program in a few New England towns that is stocking their library shelves with e-Readers. If you can’t afford your own device – this might be a viable alternative.

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China Is Forecast To Be World’s Largest eReader Market By 2015


E-readers were on display at in the Chinese pavilion at the Book Fair in Frankfurt

As makers of electronic-book readers jockey for position in the U.S., Japan and Europe, a similar but more challenging effort is unfolding in China.  World-wide, about four million electronic-book reading devices were sold last year. The number is expected to jump to 12 million in 2010 and 18 million in 2012, predicts the U.S.-based market intelligence firm iSuppli Corp.



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Barnes & Noble Will Ship Around 60,000 Nooks This Year

nook 4132
Look, look it’s a Nook!
A lot more people have ordered the Barnes & Noble Nook, first announced on October 20, than the company expected (despite getting panned by the official reviewers). The company had Foxconn, their ODM, build far fewer of them than they should have.The original plan was to ship pre-orders by November 30 but that date was pushed back to December 7. It took a mere month for the entire order process to break down. Now a small number of pre-orders still haven’t arrived and most brick and mortar stores are sold out and even then they were only available in “higher volume” stores on December 7.

B&N is assuaging those customers whose pre-orders and early orders haven’t shipped with a $100 B&N gift certificate if the device doesn’t ship by December 23. The company wrote: “With our sincerest apologies, we will send you an e-mail notification on December 23rd with a $100 Barnes&Noble.com Online Gift Certificate.”

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How The Nook Stacks Up To Kindle



An early hint that Barnes & Noble’s brand-new Nook electronic reader is flashier than the Amazon Kindle comes when you first turn on the devices. On Kindle, you’re welcomed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. On the upstart Nook, an introduction is written by humor columnist Dave Barry. “Congratulations on your new Nook! We’re sure it will give you many years of trouble-free enjoyment until next week, when we come out with a newer version.”Barnes & Noble doesn’t need to introduce a newer Nook quite that fast, though the first version does feel unfinished and sluggish. Still, it has enormous upside and novel features.


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