Dogs can sniff the scent of prostate cancer with 98% accuracy

dogs nose

Dogs’ noses have four times the number of olfactory cells as humans.

Dogs noses are powerful and it has been well documented what they are able to sniff out. Researchers have discovered that our canine companions’ snouts may be more accurate than advanced laboratory procedures when it comes to detecting certain forms of cancer.



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Conceal Your Fart Odor with Hermetically Sealed Underwear


Go on. Stink it up and not worry!

Yup, get prepared to enjoy the most unfettered air through anus adventures you can dream up and not have to worry about paying the olfactory price! According to the official site, “The new 2nd Generation Under-Ease underwear for flatulence is made with the same quality design and soft materials as the original Under-Ease, and is manufactured in the U.S.A. 2nd Generation Under-Ease is made from Fabuthane Laminated Polyester fabric with a breathable film allowing the transport of heat and moisture from the inside to the outside of Under-Ease by the process of diffusion…

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Bad Smells Can Give You Nightmares


There are good dreams, bad dreams, and then dreams that just stink.

Attention all campers! You no longer have to bother dipping your bunkmate’s hand in warm water in an attempt to make him pee in the bed. If you want to know how to terrorize that kid who picked on you on the kickball field, all you have to do is get inside his dreams. Through his nose.

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Osim Nioi Alarm Clock, Heaven Scent for Waking or Falling Asleep


There’s no shortage of ways to be jarred out of bed in the morning, but we like the idea of a scent waking us up rather than obnoxious noises or absurd tests. Sure, the Wake n’ Bacon alarm clock comes close to that ideal, but here’s a more versatile approach: The Osim Nioi Alarm Clock.

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Scent-Emitting LCD Displays Used To Enhance Restaurant Advertisements



A company in Japan called Recruit Co Ltd. is using a unique system to lure people into the restaurants and cafes in the underground mall of the Tokyo Station. Developed by NTT Communications Corp. the system emits appetizing aromas that correspond to a video advertisement being shown on a 42-inch LCD display. The idea is that passers-by will be attracted by the smells, wander over to the kiosk to watch the advertisements, and then take a coupon book which will hopefully bring them into the restaurants.

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Frog Design Digital Escape, The Virtual Reality Mask With Smells


Menacing and Smelly


Someone at famed design firm Frog Design must have been having a bad day when this Digital Escape design was conceived. Don’t like your world? Strap on this “lifestyle product of the future” and transport yourself to a different dimension with your own sights, sounds, smells, and air quality – the rest of the planet be damned!

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The Smellophone


“Hey Jane, it smells like your boyfriend again!”

In terms of the human senses, (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) we’ve already been able to synthesize pretty realistic visual, audio, and touch digitally, and we’ve previously written about research work in the taste area. Now a German syndicate has filed a patent for applications allowing users to send scents via cell phones, and expects the new capability will reach market less than two years from now with about 100 different prefabricated scents on the required chip.

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