Designing new public spaces for our increasingly crowded cities

The New York team proposed that a net-zero park be created within a three-block-long stretch of central median running down Allen Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

One of the biggest challenges faced by people who are associated with building cities is being able to create open space when there seems to be none left. How do they give people in cities public spaces (parks, gardens, squares, even wide tree-lined streets) to gather and room to breathe in our increasingly built-up and built-out urban environments? (Pics)



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Chasing Rare Orchids And Fireflies In Central Colorado


Filoha Meadows in central Colorado

A refuge for the Ute Indians and a transit corridor for the marble quarried for the Washington Monument, Filoha Meadows in central Colorado has been used as farmland, an arthritic retreat center, and a movie set. Developers eyed it to build 15,000 square-foot homes, while others envisioned the entire area under the waters of a dam. But people seeking to preserve the meadow as open space were the ones who succeeded–even though they didn’t even really know what they had there.