The strongest teams might be temporary

The best teams might be temporary, but their company’s success is enduring.

We often think of high-performance teans as long-term allies—a band of brothers in the organizational world. It takes a while for teams to move through the traditional phases of storming and norming before they start to really perform. It’s easy to assume that the longer a team is together, the better they’ll be at performing. But research into the inner workings of teams, particularly creative teams, suggests a different conclusion, one supported by experience from many of the most innovative companies: The best teams might temporary, with members forming around a given project and then going their separate ways to work on new projects.



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The Headless Organization


“The closest thing to a law of nature in business is that form has an affinity for expense,
while substance has an affinity for income”
– Dee Hock, former CEO of Visa

Futurist Thomas Frey:  Disintermediation is a term that sprung to life in the mid-1990s during the formative years of the Internet. Enterprising people learned very quickly that this new communication system could disintermediate, or bypass, many different layers of the business food chain and eliminate entire categories of decision makers both inside and outside of corporations.


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Gang Membership Rises as Violent Crimes in the U.S. Drop


Gangs in the U.S. have grown to about 1 million members.

Gang membership, a traditional trigger for violent crime, is rising even as murder and other violent crime have declined substantially in much of the USA.Across the country, gangs have grown to about 1 million members, according to the federal government’s most recent count in 2009, and law enforcement officials say that number is increasing.


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Set Up a “Never Again” Folder to Track Mistakes

never again 333

Most of us are more than happy to forget a screwup at work, a project that didn’t pan out, or even a bad experience at a restaurant. Remembering your mistakes, screwups, and bad experiences, however, can keep future ones at bay.

Over at the organization blog Unclutterer, they found these “I’ll Never [ ] This Again” filing folders. While they didn’t think it was worth spending a premium for such a folder—although it would certainly be fun as a goofy gift—they did see the utility of creating a “Never Again” folder.

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“Time Banking” Pays It Forward


In today’s recessionary world its become exceedingly difficult to make time for ourselves and the others we care for. With job lay-offs, the decline of 401Ks and wage decreases, we are spending more time worrying about our finances than taking care of things that still need to be accomplished. Cutting the lawn, walking the dog, tutoring your child are tasks that still need to be tended to, but sometimes overlooked. With our spirits dampened, we fore-go even the basic necessities of our everyday lives.

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