Parking has eaten American cities

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Parking eats up an incredible amount of space and costs America’s cities an extraordinary amount of money. That’s the main takeaway of a new study that looks in detail at parking in five U.S. cities: New York, Philadelphia, Seattle, Des Moines, and Jackson, Wyoming.

The study, by Eric Scharnhorst of the Research Institute for Housing America (which is affiliated with the Mortgage Bankers of America), uses data from satellite images, the U.S. Census, property tax assessment offices, city departments of transportation, parking authorities, and geospatial maps like Google Maps to generate inventories of parking for these five cities. (The inventories include on-street parking spaces, off-street surface parking lots, and off-street parking structures.)

It not only estimates the total number of parking spaces in these cities and their overall estimated replacement costs, but develops interesting metrics such as parking spaces per acre, parking spaces per household, and parking costs per household—as well as providing maps of parking densities across these cities.

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Smartphone App Finds Empty Parking Spaces for Drivers

parking app

A smartphone app gives information about open parking spots.

The most agonizing everyday experience the urban driver must face?  The search for an empty parking place.

It is part sleuthing and part blood sport. Circling, narrowly missing a spot, outmaneuvering other motorists to finally ease into a space only to discover that it is off limits during working hours.


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Formula Created For Perfect Parking


Forget roasting a textbook turkey or perfect present-wrapping this month. The real test of Britons’ mettle will come as we try to park in tight spots on busy roads, with 35 million of us heading to the shops over the next few weeks. Help, however, is at hand, as Professor Simon Blackburn, from Royal Holloway, University of London, has collaborated with Vauxhall Motors to create a mathematical formula to show motorists how to park perfectly.


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Street-Embedded Sensors Monitor Parking Availability In San Francisco

Street-Embedded Sensors Monitor Parking Aailability In San Francisco

Parking assist: This prototype of the San Francisco parking network’s Web interface will let drivers find available parking spots. 

This fall, San Francisco will implement the largest mesh network for monitoring parking to date. Around 6,000 wireless sensors from the San Francisco company Streetline will be fixed alongside as many parking spots, monitoring both parking availability and the volume and speed of passing traffic. The city hopes that displaying information from the sensors on Web maps, smart phones, and signs on the street will reduce the traffic and pollution caused by circling cars.

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Parking on Your Balcony

Parking on Your Balcony

CarLoft® is a pioneering modular loft scheme with a garden and a garage on every floor. All these brand-new luxury flats come with at least one adjacent parking space known as the CarLoggia, reached via the CarLift. When you arrive outside the building, the CarLift recognizes your car from the built-in transponder and knows which floor you live on. And still seated inside your car, you’re taken straight to your home in total safety.
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