Top 20 most dangerous U.S.cities for pedestrians


Florida holds the top four on the list with the most dangerous places to walk in America.

The 2011 edition of the “Dangerous by Design” report has just been released by Transportation for America, which calculated the Pedestrian Danger Index (PDI) in metro areas around the country. Cities where people walk more have more pedestrian deaths, so the index plots the number of pedestrians who die against the number of people who walk.


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Study Finds Hybrid Cars Hit More Pedestrians and Bikers Than Regular Cars


Honda Hybrid hits pedestrians

Hybrid vehicles, which creep along almost silently at low speeds on electric power, are more likely to hit pedestrians or bicycles than regular cars, a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds.


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Jojo – GPS For The Visually Impaired

Jojo - GPS For The Visually Impaired


I think the feeling of independence has no parallel. And this same feeling is valued to great heights by people with some physical impairment. We have products for everything, be it luxury or survival, but I wonder whether a device has hatched to take care of the blind single-handedly, without seeking the presence of well-wishers.

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Toyota’s Newest Innovation to Spot Pedestrians


 Warning signal to warn, targeting signal to target

Toyota Motor Corp’s “Crown Hybrid” released in May 2008 is equipped with the “Night View” system that displays the view of the road ahead at night.

In the previous model, the view of the road ahead is displayed on the windshield, and it is overlapped with the view right in front of the car. But the latest model ensures a clear view in front of the car by displaying the view of the road ahead on the LCD meters, even though the driver has to look back and forth between the front view and the meters.

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Virtual Wall


The Virtual Wall provides a barrier made up of plasma laser beams depicting pedestrians doing what they do best and any car that crosses that barrier suffers the consequences.  Okay so maybe those lasers aren’t powerful enough to do any harm but the effect is enough to make drivers and pedestrians alike follow crosswalk rules to the tee. 


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