Amazing anamorphic 3D illusion drawings by Alessandro Diddi


Alessandro Diddi is an Italian artist who has the ability to create real life from just a pencil and a piece of paper. He specializes in “anamorphic drawing”, a particular technique that if correctly executed gives the viewer the illusion that the drawings are actually popping out of the paper. (Photos)



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New Sharpie Remains Erasable For 3 Days

sharpie erase 333

Go Go Gadget Sharpie!

Well folks, it’s finally happened: mechanical pencils and markers are breeding. What’s next, paperclip/staple orgies? NOT IN MY DESK DRAWER! Haha, like I have a desk!

Sharpie has combined the permanence of a pen with the erasability of a pencil with their new Liquid Pencil. The “ink” inside this pen is a liquid graphite that stays erasable for three days. After that, it turns to ink and stays permanent…

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Amazing Miniature Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti


It took 2 1/2 years to complete his best-known work, “Alphabet.”

Dalton Ghetti has found a remarkable niche in the art world. There have been artists who use pencils as part of their craft, but none use the smallest and most fragile part: the pencil lead. Check out the pictures to see Dalton Ghetti’s amazing work for yourself. Think twice before sharpening your pencil. (Pics)


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Pencil Head Sculptures

pencil head art 2222
All The Write Stuff
For most of us pencil is just a tool used for painting, drawing, or updating checkbooks. But in the hands of Dalton, a Brazilian-born artist who lives in Bridgeport, these ordinary pencils turn into miniature sculptures. He carves sculptures out of the tips of pencils using sewing needle and razor blade. Apart from these he needs very bright light, and there is no use of a magnifying glass in creation of these artistic works.

Chocolate Pencils


At least when you chew your pencil when you get nervous you wont have to worry about splinters

Order a slice of chocolate cake at a restaurant or cafe and something immediately stands out: those chocolate curls decorating the frosting. Ever notice how much they look like pencil shavings? Don’t you wish you could top your home-made desserts with these delicate flakes?

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Smencils – Gourmet Scented Pencils Made With Rolled Newspaper



Smell and Draw

On one hand, I really like that these Smencils are made from sheets of recycled newspaper tightly rolled around a #2 graphite core. Not only do they sharpen like a regular pencil, but you also get to see the different layers of newsprint as you grind them down, kind of like the rings on a tree. However, why they felt the need to then soak the pencils in gourmet liquid scents is beyond me. (Supposedly made by an award winning fragrance company.) The Smencils are available in packs of 10 (packaged in separate freshness tubes) and each one has a different scent including bubble gum, cinnamon, popcorn, grape, cotton candy, very berry, chocolate, orange, watermelon and rootbeer.

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