Canada kills the Penny


Will all coins go away now?

Finally, after years of talking, the Canadian government killed the penny in its recent budget. Finance Minister Flaherty was clearly thinking of decluttering and interior design, noting “Pennies take up too much space on our dressers at home.”

There is also a real green side to this; the weight of all those pennies adds up, as does the cost and footprint of shipping them.

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You Don’t Have to Track Every Penny to Maintain Good Financial Habits

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Hey look. My money is gone!

It’s important to track your spending habits for financial health, but what happens when you’ve achieved it? Personal finance blog Get Rich Slowly’s J.D. Roth explores why he no longer needs to keep track of every penny he spends.

Roth explains that while he used to log and track his spending fastidiously, and that while it was an effective tool in helping him change his spending habits, he found himself spending less and less time doing it as time went on. He found that instead of losing control over his finances like he feared, his spending habits remained in check. In a way, he had outgrown this technique…

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