How much money do people with your personality make?

Whenever presented with a theory like Carl Jung’s theory of personality types (which Myers and Briggs formalized into a personality test) it’s important to remember that you are in possession of a unique set of neurons whose synapses fire in unique patterns that cannot easily be slotted into one of sixteen “types” from which one can draw conclusions about your destiny. (Infographic)



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Downloadable Personalities for Your Computer

Futurist Thomas Frey: Fifteen years ago in an article I wrote for The Futurist Magazine, I made the prediction that once we had talking computers, we would soon have downloadable personalities to create a more human-like experience. I went on to suggest that most of us would actually download multiple personalities so we could interact with the right persona at any given moment.



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Ten paradoxical traits of the creative personality


Of all human activities, creativity comes closest to providing the fulfillment we all hope to get in our lives. Call it full-blast living.

Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives. Most of the things that are interesting, important, and human are the result of creativity.

What makes us different from apes–our language, values, artistic expression, scientific understanding, and technology–is the result of individual ingenuity that was recognized, rewarded, and transmitted through learning…

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How Nagging Partners Increase the Risk of Suffering Angina


Falling out with your other half significantly increases the risk of angina.

It is a warning to bear in mind if the Christmas dinner causes family tensions to boil over.  For research has shown that ­nagging from a partner significantly increases the risk of suffering angina.


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Men Who Grow Up With Lots of Sisters are Less Sexy: Study

brother and sisters

The ratio of male and females within a family growing up together can influence the sexual behavior.

Having a large number of female siblings makes men no less heterosexual but their mannerisms and body language may be seen as less butch than those who have been brought up amid the rough and tumble of a male dominated household.


Fitness Fanatics Really Do Have Higher Sex Drives

fitness fanatic

“There is evidence that enhanced testosterone and adrenalin in men and women does enhance libido.”

Fitness fanatics really do have higher sex drives, according to scientists who say they have identified a link between exercise and personality.  They also tend to be more aggressive and socially dominant said Dr Peter Biro, an Australian academic.