Bill Gates just purchased an enormous amount of land to build his own “smart city”


24,800 acres of land will soon become a “smart city” in Arizona. One of Bill Gates’ investment firms is investing millions into this project, hoping that its proximity to local hubs and ability to be completely molded will allow for innovation.

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Who Was Del Webb?

Del Webb 874

Del Webb had friends in high places and low, and was not yet sure where he should count Ben Siegel, his new client. Webb, a Phoenix construction man with a can-do reputation, had taken on an unfinished Nevada hotel as a favor to a banker friend with serious money at stake. Before he knew it he found himself bound by contract to a man of doubtful repute.

And before very long, Siegel would remove all doubts. Siegel bragged that he had personally killed 12 people. Now another mob figure was getting under his skin. “I’m going to kill that S.O.B. too,” Siegel added.

Webb’s face must have reflected his shock, for Siegel then reassured him:

“Del, don’t worry. We only kill each other.”

Webb walked a thin and dangerous line with Siegel, but it was all in a life’s work. Construction contracting was inherently risky. Somebody in his company once pointed out that it was a business where things do not even out. Bid too low, you lose money. Bid too high, you don’t even get the job.

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Phoenix Crop Circle Appears In Same Field as Dragonfly Crop Circle


Zoroastrian bird symbol or Phoenix?
(Image credit – Dai Dobbs)

One of the first things one learns when studying crop circles is that the formations are concentrated and appear in a small area of England more often than the rest of the world combined. This awesome bird formation happens to also be in the same field as the fantastic dragonfly formation that appeared earlier in the month.

This “Phoenix” crop circle formation measures approximately 300 feet in diameter. It was discovered in the early morning of June 12 2009 and can be clearly seen from the A4 near Yatesbury, in Wiltshire, England.

Mainstream media is always quick to note that some crop circles are hoaxed by humans. However they rarely present the fact that many crop circles DO NOT show signs of hoaxing and are not explainable by conventional means. When examining each formation there are tell tale signs as to which manner it was created including if or how the stalks are bent vs broken…

(photo of Dragonfly crop circle after jump )

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Time’s Top 10 Scientific Discoveries

Time’s Top 10 Scientific DiscoveriesTime’s Top 10 Scientific Discoveries 

1. Large Hadron Collider

Good news! The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – the massive particle accelerator straddling the Swiss-French border – didn’t destroy the world! The bad news: The contraption didn’t really work either. In September, the 17-mile collider was switched on for the first time, putting to rest the febrile webchatter that the machine would create an artificial black hole capable of swallowing the planet or at least a sizeable piece of Europe – a bad day no matter what. No lucid observer ever thought that would really happen, but what they did expect was that the LHC would operate as advertised, recreating conditions not seen since instants after the Big Bang and giving physicists a peek into those long-vanished moments. Things looked good at first, until a helium leak caused the collider to shut down after less than two weeks. Repairs are underway and the particles should begin spinning again sometime in June.

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Martian Soil May Contain Substance Less Friendly To Life

Martian Soil May Contain Substance Less Friendly To Life 
 Phoenix spacecraft’s inverted scoop preparing to take soil samples on Mars.

NASA’s Phoenix spacecraft has detected the presence of a chemically reactive salt in the Martian soil, a finding that if confirmed could make it less friendly to potential life than once believed.

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