Facebook Rolls Out Facial Recognition Technology to Automatically Identify Users

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Facebook’s new facial recognition technology sparks concern of privacy campaigners.

Facebook is at the center of another privacy issue after bringing in facial recognition technology to automatically identify users in pictures. The world’s leading social network has begun rolling out new technology that automatically identifies and ‘tags’ people in photos uploaded to the website.


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Looking At Photos Of Sick People Boosts Your Immune System


Sickpeople head thing

Sick but clever!

I harbor the superstitious belief that I will catch a cold from watching TV shows depicting people who are sick. I usually stop watching any program that has someone sniffing and sneezing. But it turns out that looking at images of sick people actually boosts your immune system, according to researchers at the University of British Columbia…

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Electrifying Photography

Electrifying Photography

  Robert Buelteman uses high voltage photography

Forget the notion of a reverent nature photographer tiptoeing through the woods, camera slung over one shoulder, patiently looking for perfect light. Robert Buelteman works indoors in total darkness, forsaking cameras, lenses, and computers for jumper cables, fiber optics, and 80,000 volts of electricity. This bizarre union of Dr. Frankenstein and Georgia O’Keeffe spawns photos that seem to portray the life force of his subjects as the very process destroys them.

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Amazing Photos: Looking Into Reclusive North Korea

Looking Into Reclusive North Korea

North Korean soldiers walk in an early morning mist with
their rifles and spades along the North Korean-Chinese border

News stories about North Korea have been quite frequent recently, with their test launch of a rocket over Japan, withdrawal from nuclear disarmament talks coupled with a threat to restart their nuclear program, reports that their nuclear attack capabilities may be larger than previously thought – and their recent arrest and indictment of two U.S. reporters on its border with China. Even with all this attention, photographs from North Korea are still restricted and hard to come by. One way around that has been for photographers to peer inside from across the border, a pastime that has also spurred a level of curious tourism in both neighboring South Korea and China. (Pics)

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10 Amazing Miniature Works Of Art

10 Amazing Miniature Works Of Art 

Miniature Art

There’s something sort of magical about miniatures, especially when they’re strikingly lifelike. The artists who create these tiny wonders look at life from a different scale than the rest of us, and their work often requires intense patience, concentration and a steady hand. From sculptures too small to be seen by the naked eye to sweaters knitted with needles the diameter of a human hair, here are 10 incredible works of amazingly tiny art. (Pics) (Video)

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‘Sexting’ Laws Stir Up Controversy In The Legal System

So-Called ‘Sexting’ Laws Too Cloudy

“Sexting” — the act of sending naked pictures via text message — has stirred controversy in many communities and in the legal system at large as teenagers have been charged with pedophilia and forced to register as sex offenders for transmitting and receiving nude photos of underage individuals.

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CrowdFire – New Online Concert Experience

CrowdFire - New Online Concert Experience 

 Event goers check their laptop displays during San Francisco’s first Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival.

As music lovers mobbed an outdoor stage, vying for views of Radiohead, Beck and other rockers, Keith McPhail enjoyed a prime view of the show from a couch in an internet “living room”.

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