Scientists Develop Pill to Mend Broken Heart

heart attack

Taking the pill when a heart attack occurs, the muscles and blood vessels around the organ could rebuild themselves.

Researchers in Britain claim they may be just a decade away from perfecting a way to persuade the heart to rejuvenate – a process thought to be impossible just five years ago.  They have developed a pill that triggers the heart to repair itself after an attack and is a major step towards one of the “holy grails” of medical research.

Scientists Developing a Pill to Cure Jet Lag


Scientists developing a pill that will reset the body clock.

Jet lag could be a thing of the past for travellers after scientists moved closer to developing a pill that resets your body clock.  Researchers have discovered a substance which is crucial to the natural rhythms of the body – and also a way of manipulating it. 


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Birth Control Pills Affect Choice Of Mate Among Both Genders


Could birth control pills be taking human evolution in a whole new, and possibly detrimental, direction?A review of past research finds that, by altering hormonal cycles, the pill might affect choice of mates among members of both genders in a way that could hinder successful reproduction in the future.


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Nanotechnology In Dietary Supplements

Nanotechnology In Dietary Supplements 

The ability of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate the safety of dietary supplements using nanomaterials is severely limited by lack of information, lack of resources and the agency’s lack of statutory authority in certain critical areas, according to a new expert report released by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN).

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Smart Pill


I Really Don’t Want To Swallow This One

Scientists have developed a device they call the intelligent pill, or “iPill”. No, it doesn’t make you smarter. This pill is actually designed to release medication to specific areas of the body.

Dutch group Philips, which is one of the world’s biggest hospital equipment makers, state that the pill measures acidity with a sensor which determines its location in the gut, and then will proceed to release drugs where they are needed.

The “iPill” is made up of a microprocessor, battery, wireless radio, pump and a drug reservoir which releases medication into the body.

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Pill May Cause Women to Choose ‘Wrong’ Partner

Pill May Cause Women to Choose ‘Wrong’ Partner

Look for a Class Action lawsuit to be filed by the “wrong” guys

Taking the contraceptive pill can lead a woman to choose the “wrong” partner, a new study suggests. The pill is thought to disrupt an instinctive mechanism that brings together people with complementary genes and immune systems.

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Specially Designed Video Game Helps Young Cancer Patients Take Meds

Specially Designed Video Game Helps Young Cancer Patients Take Meds 
 Re-Mission Video Game

Playing a specially designed video game can help adolescents and young adult cancer patients adhere more closely to their prescribed treatment, according to a report in the journal Pediatrics.

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