‘Brain Washing’ Technique Could Reduce Disability In Newborn Babies

Baby brainwashing

A new treatment known as ‘brain washing’ could dramatically reduce disability in newborn babies. The process involves removing toxic fluid potentially harmful to infants born early and suffering from large brain haemorrhages.

The technique, pioneered by doctors in Bristol, reduces the pressure put on the brain and for the first time has been shown to benefit newborn babies suffering from the condition.

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World’s First Power Assist Luggage

World’s First Power Assist Luggage

 Finally, a way to cart around my rock collection without getting a hernia

Live Luggage, the powered luggage pioneer has spent five years designing and developing power assisted luggage with the PA (Power Assisted) Series of suit cases. Live Luggage is internationally recognized as the creator of the world’s first power assisted suitcase. The amazing design uses revolutionary pancake/flat wheel technology and includes an Anti-Gravity handle that distributes a major part of the total weight over the powered wheels increasing efficiency and making it much more easily transportable than standard luggage.

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