AquaBundance – World’s First Aquaponic Gardening System


Featured invention at the DaVinci Inventor Showcase

AquaBundance is the world’s first green gardening system that has been designed to grow plants and fish, year-round, both indoors and out. AquaBundance is a highly productive aquaponic system that grows a nearly boundless variety of plants using organic nutrients supplied by fish growing in an attractive adjoining tank.


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Self-Assembling Solar Cells Created That Repair Themselves


MIT’s Test Cell

Solar cells are intended to mimic the photosynthesis of plants — converting light into energy in the most efficient manner possible. But what other characteristics of plants could be handy for the renewable energy sector to mimic? How about the self-assembly of chloroplast, the component of plants that do all the vital photosynthesis. Leaves repair themselves after sun damage again and again to keep up their ability to convert light into energy. Now, MIT researchers believe they’ve discovered how to use this self-assembly to restore solar cells damaged by the sun.


Umbrella Dryer That Uses Rainwater To Grow Plants

Reusing Rain Water For Plants
We don’t have to use umbrellas too often in my area, but when we do the floors in the house and at stores around town are very slippery thanks to all the water. If you live in an area where it rains a lot you will find this concept umbrella stand appealing.The stand has these long green foam fingers that you slip your umbrella between. Those green foam fingers take the rainwater off your umbrella and use it in a very green way…

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“You May Keep 40 Magic Mushrooms At Home”



Does this count as 1 or 32?

The Czech government has revised and liberalized the criteria for what constitutes “small amounts” of recreational drugs for personal use.

The Czech government today approved the list of hallucinogenic plants and mushrooms, including hemp, coca, mescaline cactus and magic mushrooms, and decided that people would be allowed to grow up to five pieces of such plants and keep 40 magic mushrooms at home…

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Botanists Discover Garden Vegetables Are Carnivorous Predators


Botanists have discovered for the first time that the plants are carnivorous predators who kill insects in order to “self-fertilise” themselves.  Garden vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes have been found to be deadly killers on a par with Venus fly traps, according to research.


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