Scientific proof that popcorn is healthier than fruit and vegetables


Popcorn. It’s whats for dinner.

Next time you’re stuffing your face with popcorn, don’t feel guilty; a new scientific study shows that, far from being junk food, popcorn packs a better nutritional punch than fruit or vegetables. Kind of.

The study, conducted at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania, shows that popcorn has more antioxidants in it than fruit or vegetables. Not just that, but those pesky little husks—the ones that get stuck right between your teeth—contain incredibly high concentrations of both antioxidants and fiber. “Those hulls deserve more respect,” explains Joe Vinson, one of the researchers. “They are nutritional gold nuggets.”

In fact, Vinson seems pretty bowled over by popcorn. Speaking to Science Daily, he explains…

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Make Microwave Popcorn Using a Simple Brown Paper Bag

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Corn is good popped food.
If you’ve been buying microwave popcorn because of the convenience—or a belief that the bag has special popcorn enhancing powers—you’ll want to check out this incredibly inexpensive way to make microwave popcorn at a sixth the cost of commercial bags.The writers at Squawkfox, a frugality-centered blog, were shocked when they did the math on how much they were paying for the convenience of pre-bagged popcorn. When they crunched the numbers they realized they were paying over $3.50 a pound for popcorn versus $0.50 for a raw pound of popcorn. What do you get for the extra three bucks? A whole lot of fancy packaging and a whole lot of questionable ingredients….

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Movie Theater Popcorn And Soda Equal To Three Quarter Pounders


Sharing a small portion of cinema popcorn between two would mean each person consuming a day’s worth of saturated fat

A medium popcorn and soft drink at an American cinema is the caloric equivalent of three McDonald’s quarter pounder hamburgers topped with a dozen scoops of butter, according to a new study.


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