What’s the piece-of-the-pie for driverless cars in the $2 trillion infrastructure plan?


Potholes and roadway decay, it’s messy and dangerous, among other infrastructure crumblings.

There are emerging discussions that perhaps Congress and the White House might agree to a rather significant spend on America’s infrastructure. Some say it could be on the order of $2 trillion potentially allocated. Whether or not you favor such an expenditure, most would likely agree that our infrastructure does seem to be progressively crumbling, as evidenced by everything from dams that break without apparent warning to a plethora of tire-bashing potholes permeating our roadways from coast-to-coast.

According to the most recent Report Card on our infrastructure by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), we all need to be seemingly ashamed of what we’ve allowed our country to become since the United States infrastructure earned a paltry and embarrassing D+ grade.

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Researchers use drones to detect potholes, cracks, and other road damage


Drones are good for more than ferrying burgers to hungry golfers and snapping pics ready-made for social media, as it turns out. They’ve also been proposed for nuclear reactor inspection and used to detect signs of damage on wind turbines. In a newly published paper on the preprint server Arxiv.org (“Real-Time Dense Stereo Embedded in A UAV for Road Inspection“), scientists describe AI that can be embedded in a quadcopter for road inspection.

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Amazing 3D Pothole Art

holepott 76980
Feeding in the Hole
Montreal artists Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano present ‘Potholes,’ a photography series showcasing seventeen rural craters in a comedic and creative fashion.

They started imagining different scenes that take place in a pothole. In one shot, the pothole is a baker’s cauldron in which doughnuts are frying. In another, it’s a vessel for baptism. In yet another, it’s a beer cooler, complete with hibachi and hot dogs…

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