Prevue pregnancy eTextile device lets mothers see their baby grow


 New to the world of eTextiles is the PreVue pregnancy screen, an abdomen attachment that lets expecting parents see their child’s growth and development as the natal process progresses.

The PreVue is the brainchild of Melody Shiue and has recently won an Australian Design Award – no surprise, given the level of innovation its got going on. Shiue’s idea centers around the concept of pre-birth bonding using “fetal visualization” (a great term, we’ve got to admit) and the fact that this bonding is an essential part of post-birth health of both the mother and child. With post-partum depression a real issue for mothers, the PreVue aims to give both genders of parents the chance to get to know their baby before it ever comes along

Designed to look like a large belt, the PreVue cinches in the back and fits over the abdomen. With the press of a button, a special ultrasonic layer next to the skin images the baby and then places this image onto a stretchable electronic textile that can grow as the mother does. At every stage of the baby’s growth, the parents can see its reaction to stimuli, see it kick, spin, smile and evolve in front of their eyes.

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