Babies to be Given Anti-obesity Drugs in the Womb


Doctors hope it will prevent the birth of oversized babies.

In a trial described as ‘disturbing’ by weight loss groups, babies will be given a diet drug in the womb to stop them being born overweight.  One hundred obese moms-to-be will be given Metformin as part of a three-year study to tackle obesity rates and reduce the number of difficult births.


Twins Learn to be Social in the Womb

twins in the womb

a, Video frame representing a self-directed movement towards the mouth. b,  A self-directed movement towards the eye. c,  The fetus reaching towards and “caressing” the back of the sibling. d, The fetus reaching towards and “caressing” the head of the sibling.

Humans have a deep-seated urge to be social, and new research on the interactions of twins in the womb suggests this begins even before babies are born.


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