Abraham Lincoln was the most unifying president in U.S. history: Poll

Abraham Lincoln

According to a new poll released by The Atlantic and The Aspen Institute Americans consider themselves to be members of a divided nation. As Bob Cohnnotes, “Every day we hear about how society is splitting apart — a polarized Congress, a fragmented media market, a persistent schism among Americans over social issues.” There is, however, one question from the poll that showed a certain kind of unity among Americans that I found surprising and heartening.



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One In Five Americans Think Obama Is A Muslim

DAV obamamural

Misinformation comes in many different forms thanks to media manipulation

According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 18 percent of people believe that president Barack Obama is a muslim, up from 11 percent last year. The number who know that he is a Christian is now down to 34 percent. Most of the rest, 43 percent, don’t know. Sixty percent of those who say Obama is a Muslim cite the media…

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Columbia’s Antanas Mockus Hopes His Super Citizen Past Will Help Make Him President


S stands for SuperCitizen!

Just like Superman, he swore to use his powers to vanquish wrong-doing and benefit humanity. Yet when Antanas Mockus was elected mayor of Colombia’s crime-ridden capital, Bogota, he took the comparison literally – appearing in a spandex suit and cloak with his chest emblazoned with a giant “S” for Supercitizen.

His intention, he said, was to inspire the city’s residents to fight to improve their lives and environment. And, much like Ken Livingstone with his newts and Boris Johnson with his bicycling, bumbling ways, Mr Mockus has proved that eccentricity need not be a barrier to the higher echelons of politics.

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Creating the Ultimate Small Storage Particle

Creating the Ultimate Small Storage Particle

When will we reach an endpoint? The answer (after the jump) will surprise you

“When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images.” – Niels Bohr, recipient of the 1922 Nobel Prize in Physics

I’ve had this ongoing notion that researchers will soon reach the point of creating the ultimate small storage particle. In discussing this with some nanotech friends, they felt we may reach an endpoint when we get to the size of the electron. So I decided to run with that assumption and calculate out how long it would take, based on Moore’s Law, to reach a point where we are storing information on electrons.

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West Outraged Over New Discriminatory Afghanistan Law

West Outraged Over New Discriminatory Afghanistan Law 

Women have long been considered second-class citizens in Afghanistan

A new law signed by President Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan requires Shiite women to ask their husband’s permission before leaving the home and forces them to have sexual intercourse. The West is outraged, and German politicians are mulling restrictions in development aid. (Pics)

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OBAMAMANIA Produces “Obama-Fingers” From German Company


Finger Lickin’ Good?

Obamamania is a boon for businesses trying to cash in on the new President’s popularity and there are many unique avenues for this to occur. This one is simply too fascinatingly irresistible to post: A German frozen food company is marketing fried chicken tenders (with a tasty curry sauce) called “Obama Fingers.”

Not wanting to miss the boat, a German food company has now gotten into the act. Sprehe, a company that has all manner of frozen delicacies on offer, has come up with a new product it calls “Obama Fingers.” Far from being real digits, though, the “fingers” in question are “tender, juicy pieces of chicken breast, coated and fried,” as the product packaging claims.

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Video: Obama + Daft Punk + Adam Freeland + Kubrick + GOLD + Speak & Spell = “Aer Obama”


Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” is remixed by Adam Freeland as “Aer Obama”, a celebration of our 44th president’s entry into the halls of glory, people by toys and figurines (including a Speak & Spell!) and flashy, Infomercian graphics from GOLD.

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Ten-X Stimulus Projects

 Ten-X Stimulus Projects

Separating the wheat from the chaff as we invest in our future

Thomas Frey: As we begin the process of thinking through the places where we can insert the electrodes and shock new life into the global economy, I would propose a new way of reviewing proposals, allowing the best of the best to rise to the top. I propose we only consider projects that can provide at least a 10X rate of return on our investment dollars.

As most taxpayers who are watching this process unfold, the idea of borrowing today against future revenue streams becomes a contentious issue with severe implications for almost everyone. If we invest the money poorly, there will be no revenue streams in the future to pay the money back, a scenario that will not end well.

However, if the money is invested into some truly remarkable developments with the ability to not only jumpstart the economy but also pay handsome dividends in the future, we will have created a win-win situation that everyone will benefit from.

So what are these 10X projects and how do we decide if they have the explosive potential needed for the situation we find ourselves in today?

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