3-D Printing for Bionic Implants


A 3-D printer can already make a prototype or spare part out of metal or polymer. Researchers at Princeton University have now taken an important step toward expanding the technology’s potential by developing a way to print functioning electronic circuitry out of semiconductors and other materials. They are also refining ways to combine electronics with biocompatible materials and even living tissue, which could pave the way for exotic new implants.

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Study: Marriages Wear Out After Four Years

Study: Marriages Wear Out After Four Years

If a new research is to be believed, the adage — and they lived happily ever after — may not be true. Married bliss lasts only for about four years for most women, says a new study.

A team of researchers at the Princeton University has found that beyond a period of four years, the benefits of marriage are often outweighed by having less time to see friends and a larger household workload.
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