MIT building robots out of paper


Printed robot

MIT lead researcher,  Ankur Mehta is working on a project that quite literally enables people to print robots on a standard piece of paper at home. It might sound crazy, but there’s a lot of complicated math to back up the fact that you can create nearly any shape you like by folding paper. Once you’ve created the proper shape, Mehta demonstrates that you can combine it with about $20 worth of electronics to create a fully functioning robot.



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Younger Americans are reading books and visiting libraries after all: Study

“Younger Americans’ reading habits and library use are still anchored by the printed page.”

Younger Americans no longer visit public libraries and have all but abandoned paper books in favor of digital media has been the stereotype for a while. But in reality, young Americans are actually more likely than older Americans to have read a printed book in the past year and are more likely than their elders to use a library.



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