Top 12 things successful people do differently than the rest of us

successful people

Most were not born into success; they simply did.

There is always a fascination of people who are consistently successful at what they do; especially those who experience repeated success in many areas of their life throughout their lifetime. In entertainment, you may think of Clint Eastwood and Oprah Winfrey. In business, it may be Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett. Everyone has their own examples of super successful people like these who we admire. But how do they become so successful?

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Are Future Generations On A Path To Downward Mobility?


Health spending could threaten future living standards

Every generation of Americans should live better than its predecessor. That’s Americans’ core definition of economic “progress.”  But for today’s young, it may be a mirage. Higher health spending, increasing energy prices and stretched governments at all levels may squeeze future disposable incomes — what people have to spend — and public services. Are we condemning our children to downward mobility?