Older, less white, less religious: What America will look like in 2040



Future foretold: A new America in 2040

Here is how fast America is changing: By the time today’s teenagers hit their 30s, there will be — for the first time ever — more minorities than whites, more old people than children, and more people practicing Islam than Judaism.

The big picture: The slow demographic shifts we’ve watched over decades will finally reach a tipping point in the 2040s. They’ll transform what America looks like, where we live and what we fear.

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Portable DVD LED Projector


Does it also come in pink?

Designed with the f word in mind (that’s fun, potty mouth), this idiot-proof LED projector features an integrated DVD player and built-in stereo speakers. Simply plug it in, bung in a disc and gawp in wonder as it beams a quality image (up to 50”) on the wall. Papa-papa-papa-papa – yeah!

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Holocube 3D Projection Box

Holocube 3D Projection Box


Now you can enjoy 3D imaging right on your desk with this interesting holographic display ‘Holocube 3D Projection Box’. It sports an integrated HDD that stores video and uses it to create 3D Holograms at a resolution of 1080i. It won’t produce a Princess in trouble, telling you that you are her only hope. Nor will it let you talk to your Sith lord or Sith apprentice in real time.

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Introducing the iShow Micro Projector

 Introducing the iShow Micro Projector

Add a projector to make your iPhone complete

During his studies at H.I.T., Moti Barzilay had to design something iconic in the realm of Apple products – something he felt was missing from their lineup. He came up with the iShow. It’s a portable projector designed for Apple’s line of iPods, iPhones, and MacBooks. The clam inspired body turns on when you pull the two discs apart to expose a pico projector and ports. He doesn’t mention pixel resolution but the projection system is LED based and no you can’t use it as a Yo-Yo. (Pics)

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Halo 6-In-1 Projection Alarm Clock & Flashlight & Calendar & Compass



Given its functionality, I can only assume this Halo 6-in-1 device is designed for something like camping trips where you might need a flashlight and compass at the same time. But if you’re camping do you really need or even want an alarm clock waking you up in the morning? The only reason I venture out into the great outdoors is for a little rest and relaxation, and an alarm at the crack of dawn doesn’t factor into that equation.

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Mobile TV to Drive Mobile Ad Spending

 Mobile TV to Drive Mobile Ad Spending

Mobile TV will drive advertising spending in the hand-held market

Juniper Research forecasts that by 2013, worldwide mobile advertising spending will reach almost $7.6 billion, up from just over $1 billion in 2008.

Text message advertising currently accounts for the largest share of mobile advertising with $335 million spent in 2008, but as mobile TV services proliferate, SMS advertising spending will rise to only $2.5 billion by 2012.

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