World’s largest model railroad


Miniatur Wunderland (in German it means “miniature wonderland”)  is the world’s largest model railroad, with over 39,000 feet of tracks taking up over 12,000 square feet in Hamburg. Construction on Miniatur Wunderland began in 2001, the project is not expected to be finished until 2020, at which point it will be twice as big as it is today.


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Lunar scientists’ plan for sustainable and affordable Moon base


Settlement on the Moon

It’s been a dream for a long time to have a human settlement on the Moon, but in this age of budget cuts and indecisive plans for NASA’s future, a Moon base may seem too costly and beyond our reach.  But a noted lunar scientist, Dr. Paul Spudis from the Lunar and Planetary Institute and a colleague, Tony Lavoie from the Marshall Space Flight Center, have come up with a plan for building a lunar settlement that is not only affordable but sustainable. It creates a Moon base along with a type of ‘transcontinental railroad’ in space which opens up cislunar space – the area between Earth and the Moon – for development.


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EOL – Levitating Mass Transit


EOL maglev train concept

Move over Metro. Introducing the EOL maglev train concept. Magnetic levitation replaces mechanical components to launch this aerodynamic choo-choo to speeds exceeding 480 kilometers per hour; all while you relax or work from the comfort of your personal business class cabin in absolute silence.  (Pics)


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World’s Longest Bridge: Qatar-Bahrain Friendship Causeway Will Be 25 Miles Long


Artist’s rendering, Qatar-Bahrain Friendship Causeway

The Qatar-Bahrain Friendship Causeway, a 40km long marine causeway featuring a 22km bridge and 18km embankments connecting the west coast of Qatar to the east coast of Bahrain, is scheduled to begin construction in 2010.   The $3 billion project was originally scheduled to begin last year in May 2008, however in a statement from Bahrain’s Works Minister Fahmi al-Jowder the new deadline was announced.


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