Molten Air batteries have the highest storage capacity ever seen

High energy capacity, cost effective batteries are urgently needed for a wide range of medical, transportation and power generation devices, including in greenhouse gas reduction applications such as overcoming the battery driven “range anxiety” of electric vehicles, and increased capacity energy storage for the electric grid. Now there is a new class of battery that uses a molten electrolyte, are quasi-reversible (rechargeable), and have amongst the highest intrinsic battery electric energy storage capacities.



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‘Nanoscoops’ – New Nanomaterial Could Spark Next Generation of Rechargeable Batteries


The material, called a “nanoscoop” because it resembles a cone with a scoop of ice cream on top, is shown in the above scanning electron microscope image.

An entirely new type of nanomaterial developed at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute could enable the next generation of high-power rechargeable lithium (Li)-ion batteries for electric automobiles, as well as batteries for laptop computers, mobile phones, and other portable devices.


A Ferry Powered Completely by Rechargeable Batteries

ferry battery powered 12431

A fresh ferry concept.

A Japanese shipbuilding company named IHI Marine United is developing a ship that can be powered entirely by rechargeable lithium batteries. It will be able to travel 80 km while carrying 800 passengers:

Its Zero Emission Electric Propulsion Ship will use batteries that can be recharged at charging stations in ports it visits. The plug-in ship powered by lithium-ion batteries would run without a diesel engine, thus cutting its carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxide emissions to zero.

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Rechargeable Zinc-Ion Batteries Store 3 Times The Energy Of Lithium-Ion Batteries


This graphic illustrates the multilayered structure of a ReVolt rechargeable zinc-air battery.

A Swiss company says it has developed rechargeable zinc-air batteries that can store three times the energy of lithium ion batteries, by volume, while costing only half as much. ReVolt, of Staefa, Switzerland, plans to sell small “button cell” batteries for hearing aids starting next year and to incorporate its technology into ever larger batteries, introducing cell-phone and electric bicycle batteries in the next few years. It is also starting to develop large-format batteries for electric vehicles.

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The Movito, An Award-Winning Electric Scooter Design


Electric Motivation

No-one sane drives a scooter along Pittsburgh’s road-strewn potholes. The Movito, though, can combine with another Movito to become a kind of street catamaran: good for mastering the elements and awful chipsealing alike. A design by Tai Chiem, it was a winner at NASA’a “Create the Future” design contest, and is imagined as a fully-electric plugin. Smooth sailing ahead!

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World’s Smallest Spy Camera

World’s Smallest Spy Camera 

Spy Camera With DVR

We don’t like buying the idea of swallowing tiny cameras down our gut. But when medical scientists come up with strangest of illness-detecting aids like the swallowable cameras, we stand but with no alternative. This tiny ping-pong-ball-like camera here is no med-gadget, and so we don’t intend the former; it’s a 128 MB Flash Memory spy cam. Hyped as the world’s smallest spy camera with a DVR, this is capable of seeing you secure through the gravest of security predicaments. The spy camera with DVR comes equipped with a rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery and USB connectors, it captures images at 30 FPS, supports an external Micro SD card, all this at 320×240 resolutions. The spy camera with DVR is available for retail at $359.99 while the sale price is $259.99, available at SpyVille.


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Robot Stroller – Unpacks Itself

 Robot Stroller - Unpacks Itself

Making life with your baby so much easier

This automated baby stroller from 4Moms is powered by a rechargeable generator. It gets more power with every 300 feet of movement. It’s also environmentally friendly, with the plastic being from 90% of recycled materials. Check out the video below to see it’s autonomous collapsing trick.

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Montreal Unveils Their New Public Bike System


Two Wheels Towards Petroleum Dependency Reduction

When we think of public transportation, images of crowded buses and cramped subways come to mind. And even though the public transit systems are better for the environment than everyone driving, they still produce emissions. However, a new design may change the way we look at transportation available to everyone.

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The Battery-Powered Battery Charger

 The Battery-Powered Battery Charger

The P970 can be charged and then taken on the road as a second battery for gadgets with a USB input .

It sounds like a solution waiting for a problem, but Motorola’s P970 battery-powered battery recharger began shipping, four months after the curved, PEBL-like gagdet was announced at the Singapore-hosted CommunicAsia 2006 show. UPDATE (2009):  Motorola’s P970 was Zen-like in its simplicity – a rechargeable battery that recharged your cell phone’s battery via a mini USB port. Too bad it’s no longer on the Motorola Web site.

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