Quality lapses at big drug manufacturing plants lead to shortages and danger

The Ben Venue facility in Bedford, Ohio has spent more than $300 million to upgrade the plant.

Quality lapses as big drug companies show that contamination and shoddy practices go well beyond the loosely regulated compounding pharmacies that have attracted attention because of their link to an outbreak of meningitis..

Weevils have been found floating in vials of heparin as well as morphine cartridges that contain up to twice the labeled dose. There are manufacturing plants with rusty tools, mold in production areas and — in one memorable case — a barrel of urine.


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Nevada’s big bet on ‘shell’ secrecy


Nevada is a magnet for businesses seeking secrecy.

In Nevada, the business of registering businesses is booming and the consultants in this thriving industry, many who are former felons, are aiding companies in seeking to avoid liabilty and disclosure.  But many of these consultants are former felons.   All of this comes at a time when Washington is calling on other nations to enforce greater transparency of financial flows.


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Potential Losers in the AT&T and T-Mobile Merger: Consumers

at&t tmobile merger

The merger would leave just three major cellular carriers in the United States.

The proposed $39 billion  merger of AT&T and T-Mobile could save the companies a lot of money. For everyone else, it could cost a lot of money. No sooner did the two companies announce a $39 billion merger on Sunday than industry analysts began assessing the impact on the biggest potential losers in the deal: consumers.


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FDA Pressured to Take On Food Fraud


Of the hundreds of customers who bought 10 million pounds of mislabeled Vietnamese catfish — including national chains and top rated restaurants –only one or two caught the deception

The expensive “sheep’s milk” cheese in a Manhattan market was really made from cow’s milk. And a jar of “Sturgeon caviar” was, in fact, Mississippi paddlefish.  Some honey makers dilute their honey with sugar beets or corn syrup, their competitors say, but still market it as 100 percent pure at a premium price.


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