Top 6 best websites for finding remote work for web professionals


Remote work for web professionals is a viable career option.

The choice to work from home or any place where there’s an Internet connection is a viable career option for web professionals. If you’re looking to make the leap into telecommuting, a great place to start would be the following top-notch job boards that allow you to discover remote Web development work opportunities.

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Yahoo CEO Mayer Now Requiring All Remote Employees to Not Be (Remote)

“We need to be one Yahoo!, and that starts with physically being together.”

Here is the internal memo, courtesy of some very irked Yahoo employees, sent to the company about a new rule rolled out by CEO Marissa Mayer.  The new rule requires that Yahoo employees who work remotely relocate to company facilities.




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Using A Wiimote As An Alternative To Scientific Sensors

wiimote sensor 324

The new science Wii!

Laboratory-grade measuring instruments can be pricey, but some enterprising scientists are finding that the Nintendo Wii controller can serve as an alternative:

The Wiimote can track just about anything: All that’s needed is an LED light. Hydrologist Willem Luxemburg of Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands demonstrated a hacked water-level sensor made from a Wiimote and a plastic boat at the meeting of the American Geophysical Union here Monday.

“Just switch it on and make sure it doesn’t get wet,” Luxemburg said…


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World’s Longest Television Remote


Along with programing a VCR this appears to be the next item that will melt your braincells when trying to figure out how it works

The 2 AAA battery-powered Pultius TV Remote from Art Lebedev would be difficult to misplace as it is nearly twenty inches long. It also provides the hapless user with as many buttons as there are channels. The creators are convinced that being able to switch between 399 channels answers a very specific need to click among television-hungry, channel surfing viewers and consumers. Continue reading… “World’s Longest Television Remote”


ETX-LS Telescope Points Out Stars On Its Own Along With An Audio Tour

ETX-LS Telescope Points Out Stars On Its Own Along With An Audio Tour

 ETX-LS Telescope

Fancy some stargazing? If you do, the ETX-LS telescope by Meade Instruments makes it virtually effortless. You barely have to lift a finger. That’s because the ETX-LS uses GPS range-finding coupled with CCD imaging to automatically align itself. It can even give you an audio tour of the stars above if you hook it up to a computer, automatically pointing out planets and constellations.

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Nokia’s Smart Home Center

Nokia’s Smart Home Center 

The cellphone giant Nokia wishes to tinker with your home, letting you control the entire house activities from the leisure of your couch or the bed. Nokia is to develop a new platform to enable users to monitor their electronics and homes energy status locally or remotely, with a mobile device. For developing the platform Nokia has teamed up with RWE, Europe’s largest home energy providers. With the help of the platform users can remain connected to their homes and monitor their homes’ energy consumption, security devices and other like cameras and motion sensors. Apart from the normal home automation features the Smart Home will allow users to turn off appliances that are wasting energy when they are away from home.

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