Capsules of stem cells placed on injured bones works to heal the bones

broken bone

Materials science may be a big help in healing broken bones.

How do medical researchers best cultivate certain kinds of cells and spur them to function in the body? The details are still being worked out. Materials science may be a big help, according to University of Rochester researchers.



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Self-healing plastic grows back after damage

self-healing plastic

The newly-developed self-healing plastic can take rather extensive damage and heal it through a process of regeneration.

There are several self-healing substances in the world, ranging from the LG G Flex’s scratch-healing casing to Stanford’s synthetic self-healing skin.  A plastic developed by the University of Illinois is one of the latest plastics developed that regenerates when damaged.



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Self-healing hydrogels repair themselves after sustaining damage


Self-healing, squishy hydrogels

One of biology’s greatest tricks is the ability to heal–to repair oneself repeatedly and thus sustain damage repeatedly, and one that humans have been trying to replicate in synthetic materials for years. Now, bioengineers at University of California, San Diego, have done so via a hydrogel that could be something of a game-changer in disciplines like medicine and materials science.

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