Crocodile Attacks Baby Elephant


The moment a crocodile pounces on the young elephant, hoping for a kill by locking its jaws around its trunk.

A baby elephant was saved by its herd after being caught by the trunk by a crocodile.  The scene was captured by amateur photographer Johan Opperman while taking pictures of a family of African bush elephants grazing by a water hole and cooling down. (Pics)


Unisexual Lizards


Who needs men at least thats what I hear from the Whiptail Lizard community

The three Whiptail Lizards on view in the Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians all play a part in one of the greatest mysteries of nature.The New Mexico Whiptail, pictured here, is an all-female species that is actually a mixture of the other two examples on display at the Museum — the Western Whiptail, which lives in the desert, and the Little Striped Whiptail, a denizen of grasslands.

Most products of crossbreeding, such as the mule, are sterile. But the New Mexico Whiptail, as well as several other all-female species of whiptail lizard, does reproduce, and all of its offspring are female. Moreover, it reproduces by parthenogenesis — its eggs require no fertilization, and its offspring are exact and complete genetic duplicates of the mother. Continue reading… “Unisexual Lizards”


Henry The Reptile To Become A Father At 111


An Active Feller

A sex romp early this year of Henry, a century-old tuatara from Invercargill, has resulted in his lover Mildred laying 12 eggs. Henry, a resident at Southland Museum since 1970, finally proved his manhood at 111 years old.

He had never shown an interest in mating until he was caught getting intimate with the much younger Mildred, aged between 70 and 80.
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