Rupert Murdoch employed hackers to destroy a Pay-TV rival


Rupert Murdoch

Everybody’s favorite octogenarian media tycoon is at it again. This time, Rupert Murdoch is accused of hiring hackers to crack a pay-TV rival’s encryption system and then post the hack on the internet in order to financially cripple them. It worked: they’re now bust…

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Rolling Stone’s Top 12 Politicians and Execs Blocking Climate Progress


#1 Stick in the Muck – Rupert Murdock

The vast majority of scientists — even American ones! — agree that human beings are pumping too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and that this is causing the global climate to warm. So why aren’t we trying to do anything about it? Well, we are. Millions of concerned citizens, climate activists, scientists, business leaders and policymakers understand the grave threat climate change poses, and are actively working to find the best ways to curb our emissions. But these 12 people — very, very powerful people — are doing their damnedest to stop them. And thanks to their inordinate amount of power, influence and media control it’s working!

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